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Now that you're all safe, sound, and (mostly) intact, and have had some time to reflect on how truly wacky the field trip curse is getting when it starts sticking you in the middle of Spielberg movies... I had a point there, but it's been a long weekend.

I just want to say that I've gotten the full story from your chaperones, and you should all be very proud of how you handled yourselves. You were stuck in a very dangerous, more or less completely insane situation, and you all kept your heads about you and worked together to get out. I know that we aren't your average school, and that you all are exposed to crisis situations a little more often than you or any of your teachers would prefer, but even by those standards this has been a rather unusual weekend. Fittingly, your response was just as exceptional.

I'm going to 'suggest' to your teachers that attendance not be conducted as scrupulously tomorrow. I'd cancel classes altogether, but I know that some of you prefer to get right back to work after Incidents, so I wanted to leave that option open.

If any of you need or want to talk, the Professor, Ms. Munroe and I will have our doors open for the forseeable future.
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