Dec. 7th, 2008

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... but apparently I'm not possessed of sufficient restraint tonight. Here's the thing, folks. I will freely admit that we cannot always protect everyone living in this house. That would be because we're not all-powerful and all-seeing. I will also admit that there have been times that having the X-Men based out of the school has actually brought more danger to our door. That would be why we're forthright about the risks, and leave the decision of whether or not you want to take them in the hands of yourselves (and your parents, where applicable).

We train your powers. We train you in self-defense, and how to work in a team. The only way that training could be taken further is to turn you, and this school, into one of the very things the X-Men fight to stop on a regular basis. I don't think I'm the only one who'd be walking away if it ever came to that.

The truth is, you are all better equipped than the vast majority of the population to deal with the vast majority of situations. A number of you have proven that repeatedly. I'm sorry that your preparation and our protection sometimes falls short, but here's the other thing; all the training in the world doesn't ever banish the fear that colors those moments. Figuring out how to live with that is something we all have to do for ourselves, because that can't be taught.


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